Mobile spying software is a cellphone application that is used in monitoring and tracking of mobile phones without being detected. It is compatible with phones such as,
Android Phones up to operating system version 4.1.
IPhone and iPad up to I O.S 6.12.
Blackberry up to version 7.0.
Symbian (for Nokia phones).

They are commonly used monitor children-mobile spy can help parents to keep track of their children activities through mobile phone.Relationship-spouse can use this software to track their partner if there is lack of trust enabling them to get the truth.But mobile spying software are commonly used in the business, some of the reasons they are popular used in the business include.

Mobile spy applications can be used to monitor company’s cellphone usage. Upon installing mobile spy, mangers will be notified of unnecessary incoming and outgoing calls. It can also be used by employer to supervise the employees when they are not around. You can install mobile spy on your employee’s phone and any time you call or text, you will know his/her location. This is more important for those managing fleet of vehicles. This can be a sure method to check how cars are being used. Mobile spy can be superb to monitors employee if complemented with GPS.

Mobile spy software is downloaded and installed on a compatible phone. On installation, it becomes unnoticeable and it starts to record activity and then uploads the data to online account straight away. Once the data has been uploaded to online account, you can view the activies recorded.

Key feature of mobile spy are;

Call recording- the software can record calls from the target phone, these recordings can be listened directly from your control panel or can be downloaded.

Email reading- mobile spy reviews as shown that it is efficient in showing the incoming and outgoing emails from the target phone.

View photos and video-this allows you to access photos and videos on the target phone.

Internet activity monitoring-this allows you to find out the website that the target phone is visiting by giving you the URL of the website they use.

Mobile spy software also enables you to read chats and instant messages from the target phone by monitoring communication applications such as; Facebook Messenger, Viber, Skype and I Message.

Tracking of the location by use of GPS-mSpy will show you the location of the target phone on Google map.

Read text messages-mobile spy records the incoming and outgoing text messages and their content.

Access phone book and calendar- mobile spy allows you to see all the contacts in phone memory and the names assigned to them.

Spybubble is easy to install and works very well. Once you install it on your phone, you need to enter the email address that you want to link with your account and on their website, sign up for the service.It is worth know that once you install mobile spy on the phone, it will only be removed by resetting the phone. Your employees will never know that you have installed mobile spy on their phone.